The Dreaded First Trimester

I am the 5th of 10 children, which means I have been around pregnancies enough to know a little about the different trimester issues.  On top of that, my mother had a miscarriage between children #7 and #8, my sister-in-law and one of my older sister’s both lost their first babies to miscarriage, and my oldest sister lost her 5th due to a miscarriage.  So the whole miscarriage issue was very much at the front of my mind during those first weeks.  While I wasn’t so sure I was ready for this baby, I knew I didn’t want to miscarry it!

Then came the “morning sickness”.  Which I really shouldn’t even complain about because compared to others, I had it so easy! I think I managed to throw up once, and that could hardly be called throwing up because barely anything actually came up.  I had a super sensitive nose, I couldn’t handle the garbage, the dishwasher, old food, anything greasy or oily, or seafood smells, all those would make me want to gag.  The worst of it was the dry heaving, I didn’t throw up, I would just start heaving if I smelled something extra bad, and then I would heave until I had no strength left to heave.  And the whole time I’d be telling that baby that they had better realize how much I loved them since I was going through all this just for them 🙂

It was a constant struggle to eat or drink anything, except pasta with a tomato sauce…that I could eat every day and was my go too food when I HAD to eat and knew I couldn’t stand anything else!  And yet I still lost weight, over 5kgs (10lbs), even though my diet consisted of pasta and bread…German bread, which we all know tastes so good its actually sinful!!  But that is how I survived those weeks, so I won’t complain!!

Then came the part that I wasn’t expecting for at least another month.  When I was 11 weeks along, I became very worried that I was going to lose the baby (I had no reason to worry other than I am a worry wart), and since I was still spending much of my life in bed I was a little depressed.  Then, while I was sitting in bed reading, I felt this absolutely strange feeling of movement in my belly.  I thought, there’s NO WAY that’s the baby, I am only 11 weeks along…so I dismissed it, and tried to stop thinking about it.  Then a little later I felt it again, this time I let myself get a little excited and decided to look it up.  I was told by the trusty internet that you don’t feel your baby before 16 weeks, and for a first baby it is usually more like 20 weeks!  Huh, but I was sure I felt something, like as if a butterfly was turning somersaults in my belly.  So I decided I would ask the most experienced person I knew, my mother, after all she had been pregnant lots of times so…!! I explained what I felt and she said, “Yup, that’s the baby!”  And all the sudden my terribly dark and depressing life turned a shade lighter.

And on that brighter note I was ushered in to the second trimester 😀

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