Traveling while Pregnant

When I was 21 weeks along, hubby and I packed for a long trip. We started off on Sunday morning, taking the train from our town (Schorndorf), each with a big suitcase and backpacks. Over the course of the day we switched trains 6 times, often having to run from one to the next with all our luggage, and managing to miss our last connecting train to Leuven, Belgium, where hubby had a week of classes for the studies he is doing.  When we finally arrived at our rented apartment I was beyond exhausted!! Thankfully, I had 5 days of doing almost nothing before the next leg of our journey commenced.  I took little walks around the city in the mornings and then rested during the afternoons.

Saturday saw us once again boarding a train (or 3) to Amsterdam to meet up with some friends from South Africa and hubby’s brother who is studying there.  After spending the evening walking around and looking at all the ships that were in the harbor for SAIL Amsterdam.  We headed back to my bro-in-law’s little apartment and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking.  We met up again with our friends for coffee and then church and then with David (bro-in-law) to watch the tall ships start to sail out of the harbor.

Then we went to pick up our luggage and once more took the trains from Amsterdam to Düsseldorf Airport where we spent the night waiting for our flight to Chicago.  Our flight departed around 9am (Germany time) and we arrived in Chicago around 11:30 (Central Time). Through border control as fast as we could (thankfully the lines were very short for Citizens and hubby has a Canadian Passport so he could go through the same lines as me) and then we took the Blue Line into Chicago.  Walked a block or two to Union Station and waited to board our final train (number 14 since leaving home the Sunday before) Amtrak’s “Southwest Chief” which runs between Chicago and Los Angeles .  It was definitely the nicest train ride I have ever experienced so far, more comfortable than the airplane ride, so we enjoyed the trip down to Kansas City where my brother and sister were waiting to pick us up.  We arrived a little after 10pm and still had a 2 hour ride to my mom’s house out in the boon-docks of MO.

For a quick look at some of the things we did while in MO you can go here.

Hubby headed back to Germany two weeks before I did, which means I was going to be traveling at 26 weeks along, all by my lonesome self. Well, with the baby of course…but I mean with no one to carry my 50 lb suitcase for me.  My journey started very early on Monday (Sep 21st) with the 2+ hour car ride back to Kansas City, but this time to the airport (thanks to my wonderful grandparents who bought me a plane ticket so that I wouldn’t have to take the bus).  I ALMOST lost my passport in the bathroom there thanks to my wonderful pregnancy brain, thanks to a very kind lady that I was able to find it before my plane left.  Then in Chicago I waited for my next long and uncomfortable flight to Düsseldorf.  We departed a little after 3pm (Central time) and arrived in Düsseldorf around 6:30am (German time).  Then I had to wait 4 hours for the train to Stuttgart, where I had to switch trains and get on the one to Schorndorf where I arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon, completely tired and longing for my bed!!

It was quite an experience, and I am sure that the next big trip we have (with the baby) will be even more of an adventure!! But, thankfully, that is still a while down the road so I have lots of time to think I am ready for it 😀

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