“Needless” Pokes and Prods

By now I am sure you all know that I live in Germany.  Which definitely makes the pregnancy and birth easier on the bank account, but still hard for someone who isn’t always so keen on doctors and needles.  To make it even more difficult, I am an extremely private person so visits to the Gynecologist aren’t at all my thing, especially since they don’t even use hospital gowns for check-ups here…awkward!!  Then, to top it all off, for some reason they always have a hard time finding my veins so the very first time they had to draw blood I ended up with some temporary nerve damage, thanks to the nurse moving the needle around when she didn’t hit the vein straight off.  The pain lasted about a month, and every once in a while I will feel a bit of it still, so you can imagine that it takes a good deal of courage for me to just relax when they have to draw blood these days.

Then came the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, which we didn’t really think ahead and plan well for, because I had it the morning after I arrived back from my visit to the states and I was exhausted and had jet-lag and didn’t feel so great.  I drank that awful fluid and managed to go the whole 60 minutes, but, as soon as they had drawn my blood, I promptly threw up.  The next week I was told that they weren’t satisfied with the results so they want to do the second even more extreme test.  I couldn’t eat or drink anything, then I went in and the took my blood, then gave me the fluid and said I could go wait in the waiting room.  BOOOOOORRRRRING!!! About 45 minutes into it I started to feel nauseous and have hot flashes.  So, I picked up one of the many flyers you can find in waiting rooms and started to fan my face in the hopes that it would help…it did help somewhat and I survived until they called me for my next drawing.  There they saw that I was fanning myself and not feeling good so they let me take a VERY LITTLE sip of water which helped me survive the laying down to get my blood drawn (The only way they can find my vein is if I lay with my legs up a bit).  I fanned away the whole time with my free hand and prayed that they would find the vein on the first try…they did!  Then they let me take another little sip of water and took me to the room where they monitor contractions and allowed me to relax on the bed in there until the next drawing took place.  I read a book on my tablet, and took a nap, and then I felt much better and managed to survive the rest of the test, EVEN with the three needle holes all on the same arm and almost the same place!  And the results were satisfactory so I don’t have to worry about that at least!

I am sure that I will be able to add storied to this in the weeks and months ahead, but for now I will just say that going to the doctor consists of both my worst and best parts of this pregnancy.  I hate the tests, the exposure and the awkwardness, but I LOVE seeing my baby on the ultrasound screen and hearing his heartbeat and that sort of stuff!!

So I guess we will call it the love/hate relationship and leave it at that…for now 😀

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