Kicks, Punches & Hiccups

I think I will always treasure that moment when I first felt the baby move inside me.  Like I said in a previous post, I was only 11 weeks along, and wasn’t in the least bit expecting to feel the baby anytime soon.  I felt him twice in the 11th week, then every once in while until the 15th week when I started to feel him every day.  It was a wonderful feeling!  Although, as he got bigger and the kicks got stronger I started to wonder what my poor insides were in for. 😀

He seems to be very opinionated, and is quick to let me know when I am cramping his style…lol!  If I sit up straight for too long (5 minutes seems to be too long for him) he will give me a few very well placed kicks to the ribs and I end up having to oblige him because these days it is downright painful!!  Between the kicks to the ribs and whatever he does to my bladder, he seems to have very good aim, so maybe we have a soccer player in there. 😉

Before he turned upside down, I often got kicked in the seat…somehow…I still haven’t quite figured that one out and it was such a weird feeling that I was very amused when it would happen.  The most common movement I feel at the moment is on my right side, and I wouldn’t say it is exactly kicks, sometimes it feels as if he is exploring everything in there…lol!  He is quite an active little guy, and there have been times when his timing was less then impeccable, like when I am talking to someone and he lands a kick between two ribs so hard that I have to wince and the person just looks at me like what is your problem.

Then came the hiccups, which he seems to get very regularly around the time I am trying to go to sleep.  I was told about baby hiccups, but I had forgotten.  Then one night I noticed this very regular twitch and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  So I looked it up and realized it was the baby having hiccups, ❤ which I found to be so extremely cute that I stayed awake, just enjoying the baby, until after they stopped.

For me, it is important to treasure the small moments even now while he is still in my womb.

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