Is there something in a name?

So, you may have seen on my weekly countdown that we are really finding it difficult to choose a name for the baby.  Some may think that we are just trying too hard or that we are putting too much thought into it.  But for me, I think that the name carries a lot of weight with it!  Have you ever noticed that, more times than not, people with the same name often have simular character traits and personalities?  Names have meanings, and I feel that it is nice to pass on to your child a name that they can be proud of.

Take my name, Jessara Ruth.  I have often been asked if I wanted to change my name or if I ever got tired of people mispronouncing it, misspelling it, having to ask me to repeat it several times before giving me a look like “umm, ok than, I just won’t try to say it myself.”  Yes, those things do sometimes get to be annoying, BUT I love my name.  My first name is a combination of Jesse and Sarah from the Bible.  Sarah, the wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac (which means, mother of the entire nation of Israel, God’s Chosen People)!  Jesse was the father of David, who is in the lineage of Christ.  And my middle name is Ruth, the wife of Boaz, mother of Obed, and grandmother of Jesse, which means she is also in the lineage of Christ!    My first name means, “God’s princess to the nations” and my middle name means, “Friend of beauty.” For me, that is epic, and there is no way I would change my name to something else!

Yes, I believe there is something in a name, and I want to give my child a name with a blessing attached, so yes it is hard, but I think it is worth it!!!

By the way, if you haven’t yet tried to guess what the name will be, you can see the list here and pick your best guess 😉 😀

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