Time is running out

So, here I am at almost 36 weeks and as far as I am concerned I am still not ready for the baby!  I mean, I am looking forward to meeting him, find myself wondering what he will look like, what his personality will be, what type of baby he will be and so on.  But at the same time I am looking at the mountain called Labor and Birth and saying, “I hope I still have some time before that…”

My life has been full of appointments (every 2 weeks from 30 weeks until the due date, then it will be every 2 days until the baby comes), Thanksgiving Dinner Prep and hostessing, setting up the nursery, trying to make sure I have enough clothes and things for the baby, and also gathering around things that I will need (for the birth, for the stay at the  hospital, for nursing, etc…).  All in all…I am behind the game!!! But I am working on it!

December is the busiest (and most financially stressful) time of the year, and now I get to add to that by being in my last month of pregnancy!  Yay!!  I had planned on having all the Christmas stuff worked out long before hand, and yeah, that didn’t happen so…!  But I actually haven’t (yet) started to stress about Christmas.  Besides, it will only be the two of us this year since all the rest of the local or nearer family has decided to go away this Christmas!!

So, anyway.  That’s what I have been up to.  And now back to work on the nursery and searching for the local money tree 😉

2 thoughts on “Time is running out

  1. I hear you. I’m at 6 months and all I have is the tiniest of shelves with a few baby items. My sister, who has five already, was asking me yesterday if I had this and that. My answer was always no. She looked at me like I was crazy. It’s a little overwhelming!

    Great post!


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    1. Yeah, well you still have a little but of time too…at 6 months I had pretty much nothing haha, so you are already doing better than me lol!! It is overwhelming! But I am sure we will both manage 🙂 At least I hope I do 😓


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