Preparation, Preparation, Preparation…

It seems like my days never end with enough accomplishment in them!  I plan what I am going to do, but very rarely do I actually finish the whole list.  And I really do try to do it, it just seems like I never quite manage to do enough.

Yesterday, I had my doctor’s appointment, and for some reason my blood pressure measured higher than normal.  So I got the “What to look for in case of Pre-eclampsia” list.  When we got home, I was told that my hospital bag needed to be packed this week, since we never know what will happen, (yes, I have been planning on doing it for several weeks now but…ummm, anyway).

So, this morning (afternoon actually because I slept way in), I decided to gather everything together…but, realized my closet was too messy for me to find anything and ended up spending most of the afternoon pulling EVERYTHING out and putting it back neatly(er).  My hospital bag?  Still not packed, but most things are thrown on top of it for me to pack tomorrow…hopefully!!

And this is what poor hubby has had to deal with.  Not just in this case, you see, last week we got our Christmas Tree.  And in the process of setting it up and decorating it, I FINALLY decided to thoroughly clean the whole living-room area (something I had been meaning to do for too long).  So, as you can gather, I am very sporadic with my cleaning and preparations.

In other news, I am working on a Nursery/Guest Room post, but, even though I started way back in October, I still haven’t finished getting it all ready…I know, I am running out of time, so much for good intentions!!

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