Cherish the Moment

The holiday season always makes me think of my family, and wish I could spend time with them like we used to do when we were all still at home.  I think of the big family get together, with my mom’s side of the family.  I think of all my siblings and all the fun and games we used to have together.  But, as is normal, we all grow up and spread our wings, get married, move to the corners of the earth (I don’t know if that is normal or not, but for our family it seems to be), and have children of our own.

Now, I will be completely honest, I have already shed many tears thinking about this Christmas and missing the family (on both sides), those of you who know me, know that I am not someone who cries very often.  I blame it on the pregnancy hormones!!  I remember how often I used to think about and wish for the day to come when I was a “grown up”, that was the goal in life when I was younger.  Now, I look back and wish I could get back those days where we would all be together for Christmas, and have a family celebration.  But, one can’t go back.

This Christmas will be a small one, especially for me, who is used to lots of things going on around Christmas.  It will be just the two of us (IF baby behaves and doesn’t come early), and I am trying to remind myself to cherish the moments that we have together.  The more time I spend wishing for what was, or for what is to come, the less time I have to really enjoy the moment that I am in.

As is the case for me these days, one thought led to the next, and I spent a lot of time thinking (when I should have been sleeping) about how I need to be careful not to try to rush through the early stages of the baby’s life as well.  I have never been a little baby person, I enjoy them once they get older and can respond and play more, but I need to remind myself to enjoy every moment, because all too soon will come the day when the baby won’t be a baby anymore and then I will regret having rushed through life.

Another thing that I am trying to teach myself to do is to STOP spending so much time on my phone!!!  I look around me and see parents everywhere spending time on their phones while their children do everything they can to get their attention.  I don’t want to be that type of parent, I want to spend time with my children, I want them to know that I am watching them and cheering them on (when they are behaving that is).

It is important for us to cherish each moment that we have, there is no guarantee that there will ever be another one like it.  Don’t spend so much time worrying about tomorrow that you have no time to enjoy today.

We have THIS moment…enjoy it!!


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