Due date has come…and gone!

So, I was hoping against hope that I would have the baby by the time I reached 40 weeks, but it seems he is enjoying being all cozy and warm in there and is not in a hurry to come out and meet us.  Now it is just waiting and waiting and trying not to worry.  I am a “pull the Band-Aid off fast” type of person so the longer I am left in suspense the more I tense up.

My foremost thoughts are about the baby.  I wake up in the morning and wonder why he isn’t moving.  I lay there trying to remember whether I laid in a bad position at all during the night, and then I start to poke and prod him to relieve my fears.  I will sometimes be completely still and just try to feel if anything different is going on, and yes, there are some new feelings that I am experiencing.  I go through the whole day wondering if I will be going into labor soon, or if my water will break, and lay in bed at night wondering if it will all start up in my sleep.  And then the next morning comes and I feel frustrated and impatient, but that is life.

Here I am, 2 days over my due date and if someone ever dares to mention the possibility of going another week or two I am pretty sure my eyes will shoot daggers through them.  I keep trying to remind myself of two things to make me feel better (not that it really works but) … First, that the baby will come at the right time, and second, that the longer he waits the farther from the holidays his birthday will be so he won’t feel cheated or whatever.  But that only goes so far, and in the end I am still impatiently waiting.

So what do I do while I am waiting?  Well, that is a good question.  I keep starting things and forgetting what I was doing.  Walking from one room to the next to get something, and then not remembering what I wanted to get.  Standing and staring off into space until someone asks me what I am doing.  And trying to write a blog post that will make a little bit of sense to you, even though as I write it I am not able to follow what I am writing.  Yes, that is my life at this point.

Now, with that being said, what are some tips and things I can do to pass the time while I am waiting?  Did you go over your due date?  What worked for you?

One thought on “Due date has come…and gone!

  1. With G, I was 7 days past my due date. I wondered the same things as you: would I ever go into labor, and if I did, would I know it? I had had Braxton Hicks here and there (not many) but when my labor actually did start – approximately 19 hours before she was born! – I KNEW. The feeling of the contractions were *completely* different than anything I’d felt before. It was more uncomfortable, but not too painful (at first).
    I hope it won’t be too much longer now!!


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