A Child is Born

Yes, our little precious gift has arrived!  And I have been busy getting to know him a little the last few days.  You may very well notice that some of my last posts were about how I was overdue and bla-bla-bla, well, the baby came at the right time and that is what is important!  In my week 40 page I mentioned that I went for a good long walk with my sister on Wednesday while waiting for the baby, well, I can’t say whether it helped or not, but by 6:24am the next morning we were welcoming little Michael Johan into the world!!

Looking back, I should have seen the signs, or at least I could have.  Wednesday evening, I had a lot of cramping and just felt a little off.  But, I had felt cramping a few times, and didn’t think anything of it…I didn’t want to get my hopes up again.

Hubby and I went to bed late, and I vaguely remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable during the night.  But just shortly before 4am I, all of the sudden, was wide awake.  I felt as if something had half exploded in me, and I just lay there for a bit waiting to see if it was my water breaking.  Nothing came, so I decided to get up and go to the bathroom…then I felt a little trickle.  I went to the bathroom and waited until I THOUGHT it all was out…while sitting there I started feeling some very strong contractions and I all of the sudden got the shivers.  I felt as though I just would never get warm!

I had taken my cell phone with me, and I sent a message to my two older sister’s, “My water has broken, should I wake JP?”  They said, “Yes, get him to help you time the contractions.”  Well, I was shivering and decided I didn’t have time to actually time them, I just know that by that time I had had at least 3 while in the bathroom.

So I went and woke up hubby.  He asked how I was, I said well my water broke and I am definitely having contractions.  He said, “Ok, I’ll take a quick shower and get everything around and then we can go to the hospital.”  No problem!  (Neither of us realized how progressed I already was).

He jumped in the shower, and I started slowly padding around making sure I had everything I might need.  Stopping for breaks with each contraction.  I figured I should probably get changed into something that wasn’t wet and then put some socks on.  Well, when I bent over to put on my socks, a gush of water came out…oops, obviously it hadn’t all come before.  So, change again and I still need to get my socks on!  Same thing, another gush, another outfit all wet.  By this time the contractions were getting quite intense so I decided I was just going to go in the wet clothes, and I WASN’T going to put socks on!

In the meantime, hubby had finished his shower and had gathered up what he would need.  My sister peaked out the bedroom door and asked us what we were doing up so early.  I was in the middle of a contraction and still standing in a puddle of water, I must have looked quite funny, but anyway, hubby told her my water had broken and we were going to the hospital.  He helped me put on my shoes, and then I said I was heading out to the car.

I walked out and opened the gate and waited for him.  When I got into the car I immediately realized how painful contractions can be when sitting up…I lay my seat down and told hubby to drive carefully because I DIDN’T have my seat-belt on.  We arrived at the hospital (takes less than 10 minutes from our apartment) and I got out and started a slow walk to the Kreißsaal (Delivery Room or Labor Ward) which was on the third floor with a little bit of a walk to get there.

We finally arrived, and then we had to wait for someone to open the door.  As we waited, we could hear someone else was also in labor (they had their baby shortly after).  By the time they put me into the checkup room my contractions were coming closer and harder and I was moaning through each one.  They asked if I wanted to lay down so they could hook the CTG monitor up and keep an eye on the baby’s heartbeat, I said that I’d rather stand if possible.  They still had to finish up with the other lady and baby, so I stood there moaning and drinking water in between (I felt a little nauseous and the water helped with that).  Finally, they (the Gyno and the midwife) came back and said I needed to lay down now, they needed to take some blood, put in a IV needle for in case of an emergency, and see how far dilated I was.

That was awful!!  Laying on my back, trying to be still since they had a needle poking into me, and still having awful contractions very close together.  They managed to get blood, but they weren’t able to get the IV needle in.  Then they realized I was already at 9cm dilated so they decided it was time to move me to the actual delivery room.  When I stood up, I felt like I needed to push already.  We walked to the other room, and once there I was given permission to push if I felt like it…so the pushing started.

This position and that position and push and push and push again.  It felt like time was dragging by, but then when I would look at the clock it wasn’t really dragging at all.  I was told three more pushes and the baby would be out, three more pushes and I felt like I had gotten nowhere.  Another push, and another and I was hearing the Midwife say, “The baby’s head is born…oh!! Your baby boy is here.”  I found out that they had done an Episiotomy to help the baby come through, and that he had his right hand up near his face so when his head came through the rest followed very quickly.

Within seconds he was half wrapped in a towel and was laid on my chest.  He didn’t want to cry, he just grunted and made a sound that sounded like he was saying “uh-uh”, I guess he wasn’t ready for his fast entrance into the world.  But I was kind of glad for the fast entrance, I can’t really imagine having to go through all of that for hours and hours.  Something I found amusing was, about an hour after the birth I asked my hubby how he was doing, he was exhausted!  How was I doing?  Oh I was doing pretty good!!  All peppy and enjoying the thought that IT WAS OVER!!!

Little Michael Johan van Rooyen arrived at 6:24am on Thursday, the 7th of January, 2016.  Weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz. and measuring 20 inches.

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