Getting to Know You (Baby)

Here we are getting close to Michael’s 3 week birthday and I can tell you one thing for sure, life has changed!!!  Not at all in a bad way though, it is a good type of change, a growing type of change.  Even though a baby is small and helpless, it doesn’t mean that they have no personality or will of there own.  Michael has been sure to show us some of both pretty much from the time he was born.

He is a very typical boy when it comes time to eat, and if mommy isn’t fast enough, which for him means giving him milk within a few seconds, he will be sure to let the world know that he is not very happy.  Sometimes he will go 3-4 hours without wanting to eat, and other times it is a struggle to get him to go even 2 hours.  But so far he has been pretty good at night, and that is nice for sure!

Michael doesn’t like to sleep in his own bed yet, he would rather sleep in between his father and I, or on one of our chests.  At this age I have decided to let him, after all, he spent 9 months with me so I can’t expect him to be happy all by himself now that he has been born.  And the truth is I like to have him right with me, I sleep better (I just don’t know if the same can be said for hubby).  When the right time comes we will settle him into his own bed, when he feels secure enough to handle it.

Over the weekend Michael managed to get some sort of diaper rash, probably because of something I ate/drank, so he has done a lot of crying and fighting during diaper changes.  But otherwise he has been very good with getting his diaper changed, probably the best that I have experienced (and I have experienced quite a few).

He is a super smiley baby, and he does smile as response to people (even though according to all the info they say not to expect that until the baby is 6 weeks old).  Michael smiles in response to kisses and coos, of course he has to be in the right mood, but he does do it.  He also smiles a lot in his sleep, big wide grins that are sure to melt anyone’s heart!

I have always been a little bit afraid of being a mother, but, with God’s help, I have come a long way since that day at the end of April last year when I realized that I was going to be a mother, and that I needed to come to terms with it and make the most of it.  I know it is not all easy, and I know that I am still only in the beginning stage, but I also know that God has entrusted me with such a precious gift and I hope to do the best that I can.  Yes, I can no longer sleep for 8 hours straight (I get 5 straight hours most nights which is amazing so I am not complaining), and my days seem to be filled with nursing and changing diapers and burping the baby and holding him while he cries.  But, I love it, and I love him and I am so glad that God decided to entrust little Michael to us!

I look forward to the journey ahead!

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