Daily life with a new baby!

At the moment I feel as though most of my day is spent nursing, changing diapers and repeating 🙂 I have been using an app to keep track of when I have nursed, which side was last and how long.  Last night I looked at the charts and realized I am spending an average of around 3 hours a day just nursing.

On top of that, Michael has entered the fighting sleep stage, which means he complains as soon as he gets tired and tries to make himself stay awake.  I can handle it through the day, but the last few nights were not so easy.  Once we get him to sleep and get ourselves settled in it is usually past midnight.  And I know that he will be waking for his first feeding time before I know it.  If I am quick enough to start nursing before he completely wakes up, all is well…but woe is me if he needs a diaper change in the middle of the night.  Because if he wakes up completely he will put up a fight to stay awake.

His other newest discovery is that it is more comfortable for him to use the bathroom during that very short window of time when the dirty diaper is off and the clean one is not yet in place.  Now, I have had experience with such things from my younger siblings, so it is nothing new.  BUT when I am changing his diaper while still half asleep at 2am, I can’t say I enjoy being sprayed!  But, that too is part of the whole package, and even those moments are funny to me a few hours later when I am fully awake 🙂

I feel as though I never get enough sleep, even though I often “sleep in” until 9 or 10 before getting up.  And most mornings, once I finally do get up, it takes me quite a while to wake up fully.  Of course, Michael’s cries can help that happen faster, but that isn’t a very nice way to wake up.  But I am told that I will get used to it one of these years. 😀

I don’t want to make this sound like complaining though, because I am not at all complaining!! I am enjoying my little boy so much, and am sad at how fast he is growing up (he reached 4 weeks of age yesterday and will be a month old on Sunday 😥 ).  He is my little sweetheart, (don’t worry JP, he hasn’t stolen your place, you are still my big sweetheart) and I honestly can’t imagine life without him.  I could spend my whole day just holding him and looking at his sweet face.  ❤ I am so blessed ❤

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