Sisters are the BEST

I can’t imagine my life without my sisters!  Since I am the third girl and my two older sisters have 5 and 3 children (respectively), it was so nice to be able to have people to talk to about the pregnancy, birth and newborn things.  Especially since my oldest sister had a little boy in September and the next sister had a little girl a few weeks after Michael was born, which means we were all three pregnant at the same time for a while at least.

I was also very blessed and privileged to be able to have my younger sister here in Germany with me for 6 weeks.  She arrived on the 31st of December and left on the 10th of February.  It was SO helpful to have someone who could help with the cooking and cleaning during the first couples weeks, and also hold the baby so that I could start getting some work done as well!!  And, of course it was nice to have a family member here, and have long talks, joke about things and reminisce of times gone by!

As you can see, babysitting a newborn is very tiring work!

Of course, for her it was maybe not the MOST opportune moment to visit Germany since we couldn’t really do all that much sightseeing, but we did manage to do some at least.  And on the days we spent at home Michael enjoyed spending time with his aunt.

This was taken on top of a castle here in Germany

There is almost 8 years of age between me and my younger sister, and growing up we were never that close.  But as both of us get older, we find out that we actually do have lots in common.  I am so glad she got to come and spend some time here with us!

Life is so much better with sisters (in my humble opinion)!!

Thank you, J’Anna for all your help!!!


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