With Baby In Berlin

Whoever says that you don’t have a life after having a baby obviously never even tried.  Yes, having a baby does change many things, but it doesn’t mean you can no longer do anything nice.  We found this out ourselves this past week.

On Tuesday, close to noon, my sister-in-law called to ask us if we wanted to go to Berlin on a short holiday.  They had booked train tickets there and back, as well as a hotel for three nights, but they managed to get sick and weren’t up to the trip.  So, instead of losing their money, they looked for someone to go in their place.  We thought it over, our biggest question being, “How would Michael handle it all?”  But in the end we decided to go and hope for the best.

Less then 24 hours after deciding to go we were seated on the first train beginning our journey. We took a train from Schorndorf to Stuttgart where we caught the ICE to Berlin. Over 6 hours later we arrived at our hotel.  We settled in and relaxed, Michael was sleeping by 10PM so we were able to have some time to ourselves.

Mornings are so not my thing, even more now with the night time feedings, so we hadn’t planned on any early mornings.  But by noon on Thursday we were on our way to the Reichstag Building.

In front of the Reichstag

We climbed the dome and listened to an audio recording telling the history of the dome as well as other buildings seen in the Berlin skyline.  Then we headed to the famous Brandenburger Tor.

Brandenburg Gate

And from there we went on to see the Berliner Dom.

Berlin Cathedral overlooking the river Spree

We wandered around and saw different sights and sounds of Berlin, including the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche.We finished off day number one with a relaxed evening in our hotel room.  After all, we had walked almost 6 and a half miles by then.

Friday was similar, we slept in and left the hotel around noon.  Our agenda for today was:

Visit Checkpoint Charlie

You can’t visit Berlin and not go to Checkpoint Charlie, see the history, and read the stories of those who escaped, or at least tried to escape from East Berlin there.

Go to the DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is an interactive museum depicting how life was in Eastern Germany, I even git to “drive” a Trabi 😀

We also went to the KaDeWe Berlin (a big department store), where we bought a few gifts.  Then we headed back to the hotel for dinner in the restaurant.  That was the only failure of the time away.  Michael decided that he was going to cry then, so instead of a nice relaxed meal together we had to split up and take turns.  But, since that was the only time that Michael really disturbed our plans,  we couldn’t really complain.

Most of Michael’s time was spent like this…

Fast asleep in the stroller 🙂

Saturday we packed, ate breakfast and headed to the station to begin our homeward journey.

It was definitely worth it, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!   The take away of the whole experience?  As long as you are able and willing to be flexible, don’t have to have everything 100% perfect, and you are willing to nurse the baby anywhere (if breastfeeding)…you are good to go  🙂

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