How do you get everything done with a young baby?  That is a question I ask myself every day.  I make myself a “to-do” list on Monday, and I’ll be glad if it is all checked off by Saturday.  Most of the time I manage only one or two items a day.  And as you can see, I haven’t managed to get to blogging for the last couple weeks!

I find that the worst thing for me to do is to tie myself to my lists, if I don’t manage to get it all done on Monday, I don’t get down on myself and let myself feel like a failure.  If it were just Jan-Pierre and myself that would be one thing, but with Michael I have to reevaluate my priorities.  It is more important that I am caring for him and spending time with him than it is for me to make sure my house is 100% spick and span 24/7.  I am trying to just make sure that my hubby won’t be embarrassed by the way the apartment looks should someone drop by for a visit.

I am hoping to slowly get into a daily as well as weekly routine, which will help with getting things done on a regular basis.  But that is a very slow process since it all hinges on whether or not Michael is cooperating!  Once he gets into a routine days and nights should be a little easier, and I will have the specific time periods during the day that I know are for household chores.

That is where we are at the moment, surviving day by day, and enjoying all the new things Michael starts doing.  I hope to start a weekly post that will include some of Michael’s daily accomplishments…but no promises at the moment 😀

In the meantime I would love to hear some tips on how y’all managed…just drop me a comment

2 thoughts on “HOW!?!?!?!?

  1. Hey Jessara,
    I totally know how you are feeling. Thankfully my husband was totally supportive with the fact that I wasn’t keeping the house spotless and perfectly in order. Ladies told me that when Kelsey was around 3 months things would start to be easier and “normal.” I was shocked cause this past month has been so much easier keeping up with caring for Kelsey and housework. Some of it is she is sleeping alone now and having longer periods between feedings. Don’t get discouraged enjoy your little boy while he is little. Life will get calmer.
    Faith Arscott

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I have heard the same thing, and I am starting notice that Michael is beginning to get into a routine little by little. I have also heard to just enjoy the baby while you can, and thankfully my husband is also very supportive in that. When Michael is awake I will make a habit of spending some of his happy time with him (happy time meaning before he gets hungry or tired lol) and JP is very understanding even when I stop in the middle of whatever I was doing to go play with the baby a little. So that is nice for sure.


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