3 months (plus a week)

So, this was supposed to have been posted over a week ago, but time has been flying by so fast and its been several days since I even turned on my laptop, let alone sat down and wrote a post!  I am very sorry that my posting has become so sporadic, as you can see blogging isn’t my top priority at the moment.

I can’t believe Michael is already over 3 months old!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday I was holding a little newborn baby boy in my arms and trying to convince myself that he was actually mine.  And now I am holding a little boy who is trying very hard to grow up before his time!

He has started trying to sit up straight instead of leaning back in the car seat, on the couch, and any other time he finds himself leaning back.   He loves it when we help him stand up and let him just hold onto our fingers, he looks around like he is such a big boy and everything looks more interesting from that level.  He LOVES to “talk” and babbles away.  He is quick to let us know he doesn’t like something, and will complain if he feels he isn’t getting enough attention.  And he is starting to be able to keep himself busy playing for longer periods of time, as long as he doesn’t feel like he is all alone.

Trying to sit up in his car seat

Today he had his first, “You aren’t my mama or papa, so I don’t want you to hold me” moment.  A friend of ours stopped by and of course wanted to hold the very awake and alert cutie-pie.  Michael wasn’t so sure about that, he let her hold him for a minute while he just looked at her very skeptically, and then he made up his mind.  His eyes started to tear up and he got a big frowny-poochy lip.  He was very quickly handed back to his mama, and as soon as I had him he turned back and looked at the friend and gave a big smile (with his eyes still red and a tear on his cheek).  It really was a cute thing to see, but makes me wonder what all we are in for with this little one 😀 Especially since he is doing all this at only 14 weeks!!

Helping his papa with some last minute sermon preparation

He is still slowly but surely getting into a daily routine, and we are trying to help with that (even though we both struggle with having our own daily routine).  He is our sunshine and moonshine 😉 and I can’t imagine life without him.

Relaxing after a long day 😉

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