Four Months Old

It seems as if every time I blink, Michael has learned something new!  He is sitting up (with support) a lot more these days, he isn’t very keen on laying down for long.  He loves books, and will turn the pages after studying each part of the pictures.  He loves to talk, and is quite vocal most of the time.  He is playing with things more and more, and is almost constantly moving his hands, grabbing whatever he can reach and studying it…so far only fabric surfaces have been pulled to the mouth for a taste, he doesn’t seem to care YET for the hard surfaced toys.  He did try to eat the newspaper though…yuck!

I am working on teaching him to sleep in his bed for nap times, and am writing a nice long post about it which will be posted as soon as I feel like we have accomplished the goal.

In the mean time, here are some pictures from the last month… 🙂

Mr. Cool with his sunglasses on 😀
Checking himself out in the mirror at the doctor’s office
Riding around in style
Hello, I see you!!
All dressed up and ready for church.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

If you would like to see more check out my Instagram account @jess.ruth where you will find these plus many more 😀

See ya again soon ❤

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