Expanding the reach!

Since I have already ventured into areas not strictly to do with Michael in the past here on this blog, I have decided to officially broaden the horizons!  I still plan on posting about life with Michael, but I will add posts about other things as well…

For example, we have a short holiday coming up and we are planning on spending it at one of my dream locations!! I hope to get lots of pictures and make a nice post or two about it…it will make some of y’all jealous! 😉

I will hopefully manage to go back through and clean up my previous posts so that they are easier to find by category or tags.

After almost two years of living here in Germany, I realized for the first time that I am an expat!!  So I might as well join the gazillions of other expats and blog a bit about it…right?

Anyway, stay tuned, because you definitely DON’T want to miss my post(s) that I do after next weeks trip 😀 😀 😀

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