Preludes & Appetizers

I have so much to write about from last week that I hardly know where to begin.  I can’t fit everything into one or even two posts so stay tuned for all the details of one of my most amazing and eventful weeks ever.  I have a post or two about Salzburg, a post about our visit to the consulate and a post about teething fun and growing spurts.  None of which are worth missing so…just saying!

Now, to whet your appetite, I will tell you a little about Salzburg!  Salzburg, situated not too far from the German border with beautiful mountains all around, has long been one of the places on top of my “must visit” list.  And when I realized that it was merely a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from where we live…well, I HAD to go there!  Of course, money and time are always an issue.

Hubby suggested we find a place to go away for a few days, combined with an appointment at whatever U.S. Consulate had an opening.  And when Munich was the only one with open appointments during the time frame we had, I suggested Salzburg as a location to stay at (honestly, while I really wanted it, I didn’t think hubby would go along with the idea because it was not really in the area of Munich).  A little while later he called me over to the computer to ask me what I thought about a place he was looking at for us to stay.  And I was shocked and super excited to see he was looking at the original Villa Trapp!!! My ultimate dream!!  I had been watching the prices and trying to figure out how I could manage to save up and arrange for us to stay there for 1 night sometime (it isn’t the cheapest place to stay).  I told him I would love to stay there, but wasn’t it too expensive for us?  Well, since we were booking so last minute and there were several rooms open, they were going for much cheaper than they usually would.  I didn’t let myself believe that we would actually be staying there until the final booking confirmation came up, and even then, I couldn’t really believe it!

My dream was coming true thanks to my amazing hubby!!

We left Monday afternoon and headed south-east.  It was the first time I had been to that area so I tried to stay awake and pay attention, but nights of being awakened every couple of hours to nurse has taken its toll on me and I soon fell asleep.  Waking up on the other side of Munich in time to see the mountains getting taller and taller as we neared the Austrian border.  And, even with GPS problems, we arrived at the Villa soon afterwards and the feeling of walking back in history swept over me.

Now I will clarify here, the Villa is not the place that was used in the movie as it wasn’t open to the public at the time.  And, since I have both watched the movie (several times) and read the book that the movie was (very loosely) based on, for me Salzburg was a mixture of reality and imagination all swirled around together.  When we were at the Villa it was so real, when we were in the city it was as if we were visiting the set of the movie.

So, without further ado, umm, I have to write the other posts and upload the pictures I took 😀 See ya soon ❤

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