The Villa Trapp

Ok, I have decided not to write so much but rather to show you around the Villa and area a bit.  It was so amazing to walk through the house and know that these were the very rooms the von Trapp family used to live in!!  I have written a few excerpts from the book under some of the pictures to help bring it all to life…and here we go!


“And there it was.  Suddenly the iron bars opened into a wide driveway, and beyond a large, green, oblong patch of lawn, through the yellow leaves of the old horse-chestnut trees I could catch glimpses of a building. I stopped for a moment, pushed back that nuisance of a hat impatiently, and looked.  Here now was the place!”


“As I stepped out from under the trees to the gravel driveway, I had a full view of the big grey mansion with a little tower on the right corner.  Ivy covered this side of the house.  My attention was immediately attracted by the windows on the first floor.  They were exceptionally tall.  I could see something red and white hanging from a wall inside.”

(Some things obviously have changed, the color of the house and the ivy at least)

The back profile


“Two steps led up to a heavy, two winged, arched, oaken door. The way it opened with a little squeak after I had rung the doorbell made me feel homey.”

What you see when you walk in



“Through the windows I had admired from the outside, the full sun shone on an exquisite staircase, which wound upwards in an elegant curve.”


“A little later we all met again in the elegant dining room.  At the head of the table was the Captain.  The children sat along both sides.  The lower end was taken by a middle-aged lady.  I sat at her left, the baby at her right.”

Second floor from the top of the stairs
A window in the staircase leading to the third floor
The next street over
Nearby stream
A nice view of the mountain
The view from Nonnberg looking towards Aigen (where the Villa is)

“Here I paused for a few moments, looking over the railing into the deep valley from which the rock rose steeply for almost three hundred feet, down where the houses of Salzburg nestled to the green mountain side. I was still higher than the steeples of the churches. I looked over the quaint old Grabendächer (“ditch roofs,” a roof construction frequently used on old houses in Salzburg), followed with my eyes the silver ribbon of the Salzach River, way over to the mountains from which it came. Over there must be Aigen, where I was to go.”

Mozart, also from Salzburg 😉

To sum up much of what we tried to see, I will quote the book one more time…

“‘Rupert, will you go with him and show him…?’  ‘I know,’ Rupert replied, ‘The Fortress, Mozart’s birthplace, the house of The Magic Flute, the Mönchsberg, the Kapuzinerberg, the Cathedral, the Franciscan Church, Saint Peter, Noonberg, and the Festspielhaus.'”

And there you have part one – the reality side of the von Trapp story – of our time in Salzburg!  I could have quoted so much more from the book here, but, well, if you haven’t already read it, you totally should!  The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp!

Part Two is coming soon with places used in the movie 😀

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