The Sound of Music

It was so cool to walk through the town and see the different places where scenes from the movie were shot.  I have taken screenshots of some of the scenes from the movie and then added my own picture of that same place.  (The quality of the screenshots isn’t the very best, but I am sure you will still be able to see what I am talking about)!!

Screenshot (19)
The funny horse fountain from the “I Have Confidence” scene
Different perspective, but the same fountain
Screenshot (3)
Overlooking the city, with the fortress in the background
Again, not from the exact same location, but you get the idea
Screenshot (10)
Statue in front of the cathedral
Different take on the statue
Screenshot (5)
See the water fountain…
There it is again way off in the background
Screenshot (4)
Pegasus fountain (aerial shot)
And…there he is again
Screenshot (8)
Another scene from “Do-Re-Mi”
And again…
Screenshot (11)
Almost the same perspective

And a few more pictures for you to enjoy!

The place they used for the waterfront terrace scenes in the movie
Part of the view you would have from the terrace
And another part…
And one last pic of the steps used in “Do-Re-Mi”

Honestly, I feel like even though we spent hours walking all over Salzburg I haven’t even managed to scratch the surface of all there is to do there.  I hope we can go back sometime soon and explore some more…I totally wouldn’t mind living there 😀

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