Plexus Slim to the Rescue

“Are you tired, rundown, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?  The answer to all your problems is…” NOT Vitameatavegamin!!  😀 No, Vitameatavegamin will only do you the “favor” of making you a little tipsy.  BUT, there is something that can help you!  And that something is Plexus Worldwide!

As the mother of a little 5 month old boy who STILL doesn’t sleep through the night – he doesn’t even manage to sleep 4 hours straight these nights, and is often waking up every hour wanting to nurse – it is safe to say that I have every right to be EXHAUSTED!! (As I write this I am listening to the complaining of a little boy who was supposed to be sleeping long ago, but hasn’t slept longer than 30 minutes at a time since 6:30AM)!  But I am not!  Why not?  The only answer I can give is Plexus Slim!!  Let me tell you about it 🙂

When I visited my mother last year she had me try this product that she was an ambassador for.  We got into a routine, every morning I would go make my mom and myself some “pink drink” and we would chat a little before the rest of the sleepyheads got out of bed.  I knew that the Plexus Worldwide products had helped my mother.  She had had such bad health for years, and even after having been in a terrible car accident, which left her with a severely broken back (she had to wear a horrid looking brace for several months) several broken ribs, a broken shoulder bone and large gash on her head, she was doing better than I had seen her in years, if ever!

I was about 5 months pregnant at the time, and I definitely felt better during those weeks!  When I left to come back to Germany, my darling mother gave me 8 months of Plexus Slim as a gift.  I drank it faithfully for a while and then I started to forget, life got busy, the baby was due and I just forgot to keep drinking it.  And I didn’t even pay attention to how my body was doing.  I knew that I had only gained about 15 pounds during the pregnancy (I started overweight though) and I probably have Slim to think for that especially since I ate a lot of spaghetti and other pastas, and I mean a LOT!!  But otherwise I didn’t really think through the benefits…

After Michael was born, and the exhaustion of having a newborn and all the schedule change and all that happened, I tried to remember to drink Slim again, and I managed for a while, but soon forgot.  Then, a little over a week ago I reached my breaking point.  I was just SOOOOOOOOOO EXHAUSTED!!!  On top of the exhaustion, my hormones were going crazy and I was having terrible cravings (I never really had cravings during the pregnancy).  So I started making myself drink Slim whenever it was that I got up in the mornings.  And… all of the sudden, I had energy, I was able to get up when my darling son would decide that 6:30AM was a good time to wake up – even though I had only gone to bed after midnight, and had been awakened every hour from 3AM on!  And let me insert here that I am in NO WAY a morning person, you can ask anyone who knows me…mornings are not my thing!!  But all the sudden I could get up, get ready for the day, start on my house chores, have quiet time (when Michael fell back to sleep) and so on.  Sure, I feel a bit tired in the afternoons, but I am pretty sure that is normal under the circumstances, seeing that this 8 or more hours of straight sleep is now running on 6 or less hours of very interrupted sleep…lol!

2 weeks ago I would lay in bed, hearing and feeling Michael awake and moving and trying to get my attention, and I just couldn’t even get my eyes to stay open for a few seconds.  Now, I can be fully awake and spend some good quality fun time with my little guy, or give my big guy a nice back or head massage to start of his day! I LOVE IT!!!

So, to all you mothers out there in the blogosphere, are you tired and struggling to stay ahead of it all?  Why don’t you give Plexus a try?  They have a wonderful money back guarantee so you won’t be losing anything…!!

Why don’t you order a trial pack here or check out ALL the amazing products here and see if Plexus is the answer you have been looking for!

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