6 Months Old (w/ photos)

I seriously CANNOT believe that Michael is already half a year old!  Where has the time gone?  Just yesterday I was laying in the hospital studying the face of my newborn son, and now half a year has passed!!

Since this is such a busy week for us to begin with, I had planned to do the shoot over a couple of days – which didn’t happen, but I did manage to take some yesterday and some more today (after he got back from his 6 month check-up, which we had bright and early this morning).

His check-up went well.  He is managing to stay within the averages of his age.  And impressed the doctor with how well he can sit up.

He got to try real food for the first time today (not counting the carrots, cucumber pieces and celery sticks that I let him chew on for teething), and he isn’t so sure about the texture.  Carrot he spit back out and banana he managed to swallow a little but wasn’t interested in more.  He gagged a little for both.

He LOVES to sit up and play, has discovered his voice and will squeal at random moments whenever he is awake just for the fun of it.  Although he knows how to roll, he has only done it a few times, I guess he just isn’t interested in it at the moment.  He likes to swing, and loves to go for walks in his stroller.  He is sure to catch everyone’s eye with his sitting up and trying to see everything that is going on at once.  He isn’t so sure about fireworks, and if there is a loud noise at the right (wrong) moment he will start crying.

He still doesn’t sleep through the night and sometimes wakes up toooooo many times to nurse.  But his nap times have gotten much better, and 2 out of 3 times I can just lay him in his crib and he will fall asleep on his own.  All in all he is such a joy to his parents, and we love to watch him learn new things every day! ❤ 🙂

To reward you for reading my epistle on the feats of my son, here are some adorable pictures (if I do say so myself) for you to enjoy 😉 They go from formal to…well, you’ll have to just scroll down and see 😉


I just couldn’t resist adding a few “Christmas in July” pictures! Let me know in the comment sections which is/are your favorite 😀

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