DIY: Baby Photography (Part 2)

Ok, I know, Part 1 did have a different title, but I didn’t see the point of shocking you all twice so…!

In Part 1, which you can read here, we discussed Newborn Photography.  Which is, Photography that focuses on the baby from the day he/she is born, up until they lose that fresh newborn look, usually between 3 and 6 weeks old.

In Part 2 we will take up where Part 1 left off…specifically focusing on from around 2 months old up until the baby can begin to really interact with things around them (which I will be covering in a Part 3).

I really didn’t take as many pictures during this time.  My sister had gone back to America, and I was just tired.  Michael also had quite the case of baby acne which also made photography a little more complicated.  But I have a few pictures that I took that I really liked.

As you will see Michael was more awake in these pictures, which also adds a little more complication to the shoots.  The tips I used was to shoot multiple shots at a time, of the 50 to 100 pictures I took a few were sure to turn out nice 🙂

Sitting on a black sheet with only a small amount of light hitting the front.
Laying on the ground playing.
And two mirror shots…uncropped and unedited so you could get an idea of the set up.



The mirror shots proved to be more complicated than they looked, and I didn’t really have the right set up for them at the time.  But I did manage to get some nice looking photos by editing and cropping.

This age was the most difficult for me so far, but it was only a small window of time and then I was back to getting shots I really loved!!!!!

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