DIY: Baby Photography (Part 3)

So, in part 1 we covered Newborn Photography, followed by Part 2 with the early months…and now we come to Part 3! Personally, I LOVE this age!

This age is a fun age to do photo shoots, at least in my opinion. The baby is starting to play and respond, which means you can have a little more complicated set ups and get some truly adorable shots.

I have managed to take a lot of photo’s of Michael at this stage, so I have a lot of examples to share with you!  Some of the photos from this age you have already seen in my 6 Months post, but I will share a few more here that I took since then.


The first four pictures were part of Michael’s 7 month old shoot.  And the set up was practically nothing.  I just dressed him in the jeans, t-shirt and suspenders with a cabby cap and sat him in the yard with a nice background.  Then I shot a few photos, moved either his position or mine, and then shot some more.  The secret is to get natural looking pictures, which happens best when the baby is relaxed and enjoying themselves.


And these four are from his 8 month photo shoot.  It is still easy to get pictures of him because he isn’t really crawling yet, which means I can sit him down somewhere and he will more or less stay there.  As you can see, his personality is starting to show…that last picture is quite amusing!!

(I do have more pictures of this age, but I am hoping to use them in a post that is still to come so you will have to wait.)

I am very sorry for the lack of posts lately. This post has taken me quite some time, due to how slow my laptop has become it takes quite a while for the pictures to load on the post.  Thank you for your patience with me, and thanks for following along even though I do only post sporadically 🙂


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