9 Months Old

9 Months…according to Jan-Pierre, Michael has doubled his age since being born.  9 months in the womb and now 9 months out 😉 lol!  However one looks at it, I can’t believe how fast the time is going! Michael is 3/4th of a year old!!!! WHAT?!?!?

Anyway, Michael still isn’t really crawling, but I keep telling myself that that is a good thing for me, it means I don’t have to be kept on my toes 24/7 yet!  He isn’t immobile though, he does get around a little by going backwards.  And he can easily go from sitting to laying and back to sitting again.  He is also starting to pull himself up on whatever he can manage to get a good hold on.

He still isn’t sleeping through the night, often waking up between 2 to 4 times to nurse during the night.  And while nap times are usually very easy, bed time is still a struggle! But he is usually the sweetest little guy just after he wakes up, be it from napping or in the morning.

He is quite the little communicator, and he loves it when we respond to him. He is starting to experiment with his vocal cords. It’s so cute to watch him concentrate on the sounds he is making, or trying to copy whatever sound we just made.  He also enjoys talking to himself in the mirror, and will get all excited about the conversation.

He is quite the big eater, and will eat everything we give him (other than cooked carrots), and often tries to eat things we DIDN’T give him.  But of course, that is pretty normal at this age, everything has to go in the mouth to make sure it passes the test.

The next two months are bound to hold a lot of new things for us all; milestones for Michael, and lots of first for him as well as us.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are a few pictures for you all to enjoy 🙂

An old wagon, a haybale and some pumpkins…yes, it is autumn.
Not many smiles during this shoot because Michael was pretty tired.
Life is too serious to smile.
Unless the cousins are also in the picture!
Caption this…!
I’m thinking…

I hope you enjoyed the post and the photo’s, one of these days I hope to become a more regular blogger, but for now just be happy I actually managed to post his 9 Month Post ON his 9 month birthday…lol! See you soon 🙂

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