Baby’s First Flight

Back in August Michael and I took a quick, 2 week trip to the USA to visit my family while papa was on a missions trip in South Africa.  I was pretty nervous about it since I was going to be traveling alone with a 7 month old baby.  AND since we were flying on a cheap airline, we didn’t manage to get a seat where you can get the baby bassinet.  That meant, 9+ hours of holding Michael on my lap in a very cramped space.

We had an early flight, 6AM, from Stuttgart to Berlin that lasted only about an hour.  Then came the big haul, 9 hours from Berlin to Chicago!  Since we were leaving so early, and it was an international flight, we had to be at the airport at least 2 hours before our flight.  That meant we had to leave the house around 3AM.

Saying bye to papa
Michael could sense that something was up.  I was tense, knowing that the next 24hours were going to be long and stressful, AND dreading saying good bye to hubby!  But we got off all right, with only a few tears (I hate saying good byes)!  We boarded our plane and found our seat, window seat next to an older fellow.  Well, that’s what we had so have to make the best of it.

Tired but happy

Everything is so interesting
We got all ready for take off, Michael as interested as could be in everything going on around him.  During take off I nursed him to help with his ears, and he quickly fell asleep (he had been awake since 3AM and it was now a little past 6AM).  He slept for the entire 1 hour flight, and, other than the fact that Michael kept kicking the gentleman next to me, it was a great flight.

Sleepy boy
We arrived in Berlin, and very quickly realized that the airport there is ot at all stroller friendly!  We had to go up some stairs, across a terminal, and back down the stairs.  No lifts or anything to make it easier on wheels.  But we finally reached our gate, and had nothing to do but wait and hope for the best.

Tired boy in Berlin
Flight number 2 definitely didn’t go as planned!  We were a little delayed, and Michael was so tired he was fussy before the plane even took off.  And all I could do was sit there and hope he calmed down and fell asleep.  Thankfully, we had a nice seat mate!  The flight ended up being longer than planned due to the weather, and Michael didn’t sleep more then an hour at a time the whole trip.

Ready for flight #2

Meals were something I had planned for Michael, but not for myself!  I forgot that I would have to eat while holding Michael, a 7 month old who loves to grabe everything in his reach!  The first meal was very difficult, our neighbor had fallen asleep and it was extremely difficult for me to hold Michael, with the tray down for my food, and eat without everything flying everywhere!  But, even though I didn’t finish the meal, I ate enough to last until the next one.  For supper our neighbor held Michael while I ate, which made it all SO much easier for sure!

Feeding Michael was another thing!  I had carefully planned for both meals, and even though I prefer to make Michael’s food myself, I had bought some babyfood specifically for the trip.  But the thing I didn’t factor in was just how small the space is for me to feed Michael, while in our seat.  I sat him on the tray, and started feeding him.  The problem was, I couldn’t hold the jar far enough away from him that he couldn’t reach it…so, we had a mess to clean up after he was done!

At least he enjoyed the meal
On the whole it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and I definitely learned from the whole experience.  I learned that anyone traveling alone with a baby is practically superman/woman, and everyone should take their hats off in respect! And also, just go ahead and buy those baby food squeezables, it saves so much time and effort with the feeding times!!

We will be flying in about 11 days once again, but this time JP is coming as well, so that should make the whole experience that much easier!!  Have any of y’all had some experience flying with a baby?  Please share your tips and ideas in the comments below!!

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