Michael in America

It was a moment to remember when I first stepped on American soil with Michael.  I know America is far from perfect, but I love her, love that I am an American and love that I was able to pass on that citizenship to Michael.

It was a whirlwind type of trip and we managed to quash a lot of traveling as well as seeing lots of family and friends into the 16 days we were there!  We arrived in Chicago, and, after waiting in line for 2 hours just so that I could tell them that my luggage hadn’t arrived with me, we joined my sister and her three children 4 and under for a trip of about 550 miles down to Missouri. We spent 6 days there, and did a little sight seeing in Springfield as well as at the Laura Ingalls Wilder House and Museum.

We left early on a Saturday morning to make the trek from Western Missouri to Eastern Pennsylvania, around 1,150 miles!  6 people, 3 drivers and 3 children.  We arrived at my Grandparents house sometime around 2AM and still managed to get up and go to church only a couple hours later.  We had a semi-family reunion, all the brothers were there and 2 of us sisters along with mother dear!  The next few days were spent in a flurry of seeing as many friends and family members that we could fit into our schedule.  Our visit was timed very nicely so that we were there from my grandfather’s birthday, for which I am most grateful!

My dear grandparents with Michael!

On Thursday we headed to West Virginia for a weekend getaway and family reunion (the first in nearly 6 years).  That was another 400 miles, half of which included driving through the mountains.  We had a lovely vacation house, that was big enough for all the 30+ people that came for the reunion.

Benjamin and Michael, cousins less than 4 months apart in age!
Part of the view from the deck
Not the whole group that was there but most of us!

On Sunday we said our goodbyes to most of the family and traveled with one of my brothers to my great-aunt’s place in Indiana, 500 more miles under us.  We spent the night there and then went on to Chicago (220 miles or so) to prepare for the trip back on Tuesday.

Had to get a skyscape of Chicago

It was a busy trip, and not always easy without my dear hubby, but it was worth it to see so many friends and family! Michael won everyone’s hearts wherever we went, and behaved himself very well so that we could really enjoy each moment there, even with the 2,800+ miles that we managed to cover while there!!

And that is that, this is only…ummm…three and a half months late to the blog, but, better late than never right?  Thanks for your patience, hopefully I will be more regular now and HOPEFULLY I’ll manage to get all caught up with my posts!!

Until next time!

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