Michael’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas!! This Christmas was very exciting for me since it was Michael’s first, and even though it was smaller than I had planned for (we went broke in South Africa 😉 ) we did what we could to make it nice for Michael – pictures he will one day look at and enjoy…hopefully!

His favorite gifts of the night were the three monster trucks, as you can see in the video he made the “brrrrm” sound pretty fast!

He also enjoys his drum from South Africa.  Maybe we have a little drummer boy on our hands 🙂 (Forgive the mess in the background).

Sorry from the phone video that is in profile instead of landscape.  But this one shows you how much he likes his noise toy.  He even dances a bit to it 😀

And to finish off the post I will add a few pictures for your enjoyment as well!

Hmmm, what is this?
Even though they are almost a year apart in age, it was “Baby’s 1st Christmas” for them both!
A last minute family picture!
And my all time favorite…from this year at least!

One week from tomorrow is Michael’s first birthday.  I am not planning anything big, but I do hope to do something nice for the the memories and the pictures.  Do you have any tips or ideas for us to try out?  Please leave me a comment below 🙂

See you soon 😉

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