2016 Recap

SO much has happened in 2016!! From the beginning right to the end we’ve been busy, from the preparation for Michael’s arrival, to the ringing in of the new year! We rang in 2016 waiting for Michael to make his appearance, of course he waited a week before playing along (if you haven’t read about his birth yet you can go here).

We enjoyed my sister spending 6 weeks here with us and helping out with Michael and around the apartment. As well as taking a few trips to see historical places. We took the train to Berlin and did lots of sightseeing. We went to Salzburg, Austria and stayed in the original Villa von Trapp! We spent time in Holland, biking and boating and relaxing. Michael and I took a trip to the USA while papa went to South Africa. We traveled close to 3,000 miles by car in the US! We spent 7 weeks in South Africa. With LOTS of things in between! And through it all we were able to enjoy lots of “firsts” with Michael!

I know this isn’t the most amazing post, (it is 4:30AM after all), and there aren’t really any pictures, but there are LOTS of links which have the pictures so just click and enjoy. It’s been a great year, and we are looking forward to 2017!! Thank you all for your wonderful support of this blog, it means so much to me!

Love you all 🙂 See ya soon 😀

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