Michael’s FIRST Birthday

The ultimate first has come and gone, our little man is now a whole year old!!  6 Months ago I figured this birthday wasn’t really important, after all, he isn’t going to remember it really, and he doesn’t even understand what the big fuss is about.  But as the day drew near I had a change of plans!  A first birthday may not be all that memorable for the baby, but it is a big deal to the parents.  AND, who knows, 20 years from now he may be very happy to have photos from his first birthday 🙂 So, birthday party it was.

It started out small and got larger and larger.  It wasn’t the typical child birthday party with other children (babies) his age, but rather family and close friends.  But we still ended up going all out.

My plans were based on my knowledge of what is simple and easy in America, but that ended up being a tad more complicated to complete here! For instance, helium balloons are quite easy to get in America…not so here.  We looked everywhere and only ended up finding one shop in a town about 20 minutes away that had what was needed, AND it was expensive!!!

Anyway, I have put together a little video clip of the party and the deco, I hope you enjoy it!

And here are a few of my favorites from his “official” birthday shoot!

“Here comes the cake…”
“Ooooh, yay!!”
“Hi, I am 1 now!”
“I’m such a big boy!”
“Life is good…”
“And now I bid you, Adieu…”
“I’m outa here…I think…”

And there you have it! Michael’s first birthday! I hope to do a post sometime this week chronicling all his accomplishments.  But I don’t want to overwhelm you with this post, so for now…Adieu 😉


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