See, I can….!

It seems like from the time we left for our time in South Africa Michael has been learning SO many new things. And since I didn’t really have the opportunity to keep up with my blog posts while there, I feel as though I am behind the times with sharing with y’all everything he does.

I think one of the most fun things for parents to do is to watch as their child learns how to do new things, and with a baby/toddler that is something that easily happens every day!  So this post is dedicated to some of the little things Michael has begun to do in recent times!

Just before we left for South Africa, Michael took his first couple of movements in crawling, with all the traveling he didn’t try again until we got settled down in the house we stayed at for 2 weeks in Marloth Park.  Then he started moving and he hasn’t stopped!

He also started pulling himself up to a standing position at the same time as he started crawling.  By the time we visited my sister in Durban area he was quite good at it.  There he took the next step and walked with the help of a small table.

Something he learned from his cousin was shaking his head ‘no’!

Doors are one of his favorite things to play with.  When he wakes up in the morning, he usually will make sure I’m awake and then he will climb off the bed and open the door so he can go say good morning to his papa.

One thing that is obvious about Michael is that he LOVES music.  And if we forget the CD player in his reach he is sure to turn the volume all the way up and dance away.

Anyway, there are some old and some newer videos there for you to enjoy, and I will apologize for the random setting, some in landscape and some in portrait, but well I don’t always think about the best way to video I just video!

I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I did…yes, this post took 3 times as long as I had planned because I was to caught up in watching all the video clips.

See you soon!

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