Fit and Healthy

I have struggled with being overweight since I was 12, and while I was pretty active in my teen years, I have become pretty complacent in more recent years.  So one of my goals for this year is to get into better shape!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying to keep to a routine of exercising every morning before breakfast, usually only 15-20 min.  And then I try to also go for a walk sometime during the day as well.

Exercising before breakfast usually means that I have a partner.  Michael just LOVES to “help” me out, as the next couple of pictures will prove 🙂

Push-ups aren’t always that easy with someone crawling underneath you…
Or climbing on top of me.
He also likes to push my face around when he can!

But, even though it isn’t always easy to exercise with him around, I enjoy it and I know that it is important for him to see me and even learn to participate and also take care of his body and his health.

What do you do to keep fit and healthy?


We must always remember, Our children are watching us, are we being a good example to them?

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