Winter Fun!

We finally had a bit of a winter here in Schorndorf, Germany this year…and I say “bit” because I am used to more.  It was cold enough for long enough that the ponds froze over and we were able to go ice skating!! I very carefully brought my camera out on the ice in order to catch a few shots.

What a perfect winter scene!
Showing off his graceful moves
Even Michael got to go for a ride on the ice
I love this fellow…and that smile (swoon) 😉
A lonely old sled waiting for someone to ride him!
How peaceful…

These pictures were taken over two days, the first day we went to see if one could skate here, and took a little walk around on the ice.  Then we borrowed some skates and went out on the ice the next day for some skating.  It was lovely.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the few photos I’ve shared and remember to come back soon…

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