Time to clean up

Another area that I find difficult is keeping the house clean.  We have a pretty small apartment, but I still manage to get way behind on everything!  And yet, it is a very important part of my job description.  How am I to create a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere in my home when it is a mess all the time?  How can I enjoy the quite evening time with my hubby, when I am thinking about everything I DIDN’T get done that day?  And, how am I going to train my children to be neat and tidy, when I myself am not?

You may ask what this has to do with Valentine’s Day.  The answer is, “a lot!” When my husband comes home after a long day I want him to be able to relax, and a messy atmosphere is NOT conducive to that.  I want my husband to be comfortable when we have surprise guests and not be embarrassed because the house is messy.

So I am trying, once again, to implement a weekly chore schedule.  I spent the day today getting the house ALL nice and clean…well, I didn’t tackle the catch-all room, but otherwise I cleaned the rest of the house.  So now I am going to TRY to stay on top of it and do a little each day to keep it clean.

I’m not talking spik and span clean, that isn’t really possible with a 13 month old in the house.  And I like my house to look lived in!  But that doesn’t mean it has to look messy either.

A clean, neat house is much easier to relax in.  And, when I stay on top of it, I will have more time to spend with my dear husband and son.

So, that is goal number 2 for this year, create a chore schedule that works and make a habit out of it!!

2 thoughts on “Time to clean up

  1. Many people have told me that “The mess will always be there but your babies will not….” In a way I agree with that but in another, I don’t. I have learned how to stay on top of things (for the most part 😉 by doing just a little each day. Then I’m not completely overwhelmed by a HUGE dirty and messy house. I don’t spend all day cleaning but I also generally don’t have to take a whole day to clean because I’m so far behind. There’s a way to do it and also spend plenty of time with your children! Balance is key! Keep up the good work and good job! 🙂

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    1. That is what I am trying to teach myself. And really I could easily keep on top of the house because it is small. And at the moment at least, Michael is still taking a nap 2 times a day so I could clean while he is sleeping for the most part. I just have to take initiative and actually DO it!


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