Valentine’s Day

The long-planned for and awaited day has come and gone.  I hope you all had as wonderful a day as I did.  Of course, much of the fun came from the pure anticipation of everything that was planned.

I started getting everything ready back in January!  Ordering my dress and making sure I had everything that I needed to complete my planned outfit.

All in black!

And planning out what I was going to get as a gift for hubby.  Pinterest was a very big help here 🙂 I got this idea from here.

JP’s gift(s) 😉

And since this was taken before they were opened I will be kind enough to tell you what I got him…lol.

  • Sound: CD
  • Sight: DVD
  • Smell: His favorite deodorant AND a scented candle
  • Touch: Massage Oil
  • Taste: A flirty named tea AND M&Ms
My gifts from hubby (heart)

An expensive bouquet, a LOVE card, A wooden heart with a sweet saying on it, a beautiful necklace, and a piece of a “star” (meteorite) because he says I am his star!  So swoon worthy!!!!

All dressed up for our dinner date!

Hubby, knowing how much I love mexican food, made sure we had a reservation at the most popular mexican place around. It isn’t a fancy dress up restaurant, but it was definitely a super popular one.  Even with calling 2 weeks in advance to make the reservation, the earliest they could fit us in was 8PM.

We spent the evening relaxing and sharing thoughts, ideas, struggles and plans, as well as playing a game and just enjoying each other…it was wonderful!!  Definitely worth every moment of planning that went into it 🙂

Until next time 😉


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