To Belgium and Back

Hubby dear had to be in Belgium for a Greek exam on the Friday after Valentine’s Day.  Usually, when he has to go to Belgium to write exams, he takes the train on Thursday, writes his exam or whatever it is he is there for, and takes the train back Friday evening.  Arriving home around midnight.  But this time he didn’t have a place to stay overnight, and he didn’t have to be there until Friday afternoon.  So, he decided to drive.  And I offered to go along with him and help ease the driving burden.

I am still not 100% comfortable with driving a manual car, but driving on the Autobahn doesn’t call for much shifting of the gears so I figured I could handle it.

We left early Friday morning for Köln (Cologne) where we wanted to see an old friend of the family.  I helped drive a bit so that JP could get a little more exam prep in. Then again between Köln and Leuven, Belgium I did some more driving.  Michael was a very good boy and was either sleeping or pretty content to just look around.

A quick shot of the Rhein

Once we arrived, JP went in for the exam and I sat ing the car (Michael was sleeping).  He woke up only a little bit before JP finished the initial exam part. So then we were given a tour of the faculty.

When JP had to go back for part 2, we decided to do a little exploring of the Belgium countryside.  And of course, take some pictures!

We had such a lovely walk
Michael in front of part of the Faculty building
The weather was so perfect!

The trip back was pretty non-eventful, other than the fact that Google tried to get us lost twice while we were looking for a gas station.  I helped drive for as long as Michael let me, and then I slept for the rest of the trip.  I had to get some cleaning done when I got home so…

And that was our very quick “in and out” trip.  I still have to get used to being able to travel from country to country the same way we would travel from state to state in the USA!

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