How-To: Clean your moldy basket!

As I was cleaning my kitchen counters the other day, I came across a moldy basket.  My fruit basket, yes, I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention to the fruit and some had gone bad and was covered in mold.  But it is a very nice basket so I did what so many do in this age of internet…I did a duckduckgo (who trusts Google anymore?) search on how to clean a basket that is moldy.

I found out it was a pretty easy and quick job, if the sun was out!  Here is what I did.

The moldy basket…yuck

First, I gathered everything I would need.

Dish Detergent – White Vinegar – Sponge – Scrub Brush – Rubber Gloves – Bowl or Bucket

I mixed the detergent and vinegar with water and took everything outside, and started by using the dry scrub brush to loosen as much of the mold as possible.  Then, continuing to use the scrub brush, I used the mixture and really scrubbed the entire basket not just the part where the mold was visible.  Next, I used the sponge to really get into the small areas as well as make sure the basket was well doused in the cleaning mixture.  Once that was done, I rinsed the basket thoroughly and then set it out to dry in the sun.


That is SO much better!

And there you have it, easy remedy for forgetfulness 😉

Have you ever had to de-mold something? What did you use to get the job done?

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