Michael: 14 Months Old

It seriously seems like just a couple of weeks ago that Michael joined our family, but it has been 14 months already.

Michael brings so much joy into our home!  Each day, from morning til evening!  I seriously cannot imagine life without him.  He is a talker, let me tell you.  While he only says a few words that we can understand, he can keep up a steady dialog of baby talk.  Sometimes telling us long stories that he needs us to acknowledge what he is saying, and sometimes just talking to himself while he is playing.

He loves to wave, and he will point at what he wants or where he wants to go.  He has also decided that he only wants to eat certain things at certain times, not that he is necessarily picky, it just depends on what he wants at the meal.  For example, for supper he only wanted to eat peas and cucumber at first…only after a while would he eat the meatballs and rice 😀

He still doesn’t walk, not that he can’t.  He just won’t!  But that’s OK 🙂  The time will come soon enough and then we will be kept even more on our toes!!

I finally managed to take some more pictures of Michael…


Feel free to let me know which ones are your favorites 🙂

Thank you, and see you again REAL soon (I hope) 🙂

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