On the Rhein

Since Easter is usually a busy time for us, more so this year because of projects hubby is working on, we decided to take some time off the week before Easter to get away and spend time together as a family.

We took our bikes with us and bought a used bike trailer for Michael on the way.  We did some bike tourism in the Bad Kreuznach area along the Nahe River on Friday, traveling around 20 km with some good hills.  We also went for a nice ride along the Rhein on Tuesday and visiting one of the many castles situated along the Rhein.

Monday we took a boat trip on the Rhein and also visited on Castle.  In between, we relaxed and enjoyed the holiday (JP studied).  Here are a few of the photos from the trip.


Germania, overlooking the Rhein!
The “Mouse Tower”
A little chapel on the banks of the Rhein
Part of one of the Castles we visited, Reichenstein!
Another of the many castles along the banks of the Rhein


From the back of the boat!
A small town along the river with the castle overlooking it.



It was so lovely to spend the time together and see so many wonderful sights!  Hopefully, I will post soon about Reichenstein and some of the pictures and video clips we took there.  But for now, I hope you have enjoyed this little trip up the Rhein River!


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