One of the castles that we had the opportunity to visit while on the Rhein was Burg Reichenstein.  And it was amazing!

That was more or less the last tourist thing that we did, and we wanted to enjoy it.  We drove up to Bingen and then rode our bikes along the Rhein to the castle.  It was about 8km one way, and very easy riding, with beautiful scenery!

The castle belonged to people who loved to hunt, and it full of hunting trophies and weapons.  Somehow, I was more focused on the scenery outside and only took a couple of pictures inside the castle.

So, without further ado, enjoy the MANY photos!

Burg Reichenstein as seen from a boat on the Rhein
A few of the MANY trophies all over the castle
A few more 😉
Micheal getting a ride
Our little tour guide
Glad he can’t fit through there
A picture taken while taking a picture
Part of the view
So much to see
Overlooking the rest of the castle
Family selfie
Father and son
Family photo looking into the sun
Heading back down from the top
What a comfortable place to sit
Heading to the bottom and our bikes!

Well, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of the castle!  I love all the history here in Europe!!

Until next time… Auf Wiedersehen


2 thoughts on “Reichenstein!!

    1. Thank you!! I actually find the lesser known attractions more fun, simply because there aren’t so many people always getting in your shot. Of course, I also enjoy the well known places, but it’s more relaxed for me with less people. And thank you, he brightens up our life sooooo much!!

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