Burg Hohenzollern and other German Sights

We have had some visitors from South Africa visiting here since Saturday, which means we have been trying to show them some of the sights within an easy distance.  Sunday they rode the steam train that runs between Schorndorf and Welzheim on Sundays and special holidays.  (We rode it last year and see it quite often since the tracks run not too far from our apartment here.)

Old Steam Engine chugging into the station

Then, on our way back home, we stopped to show them one of the ruins of a Roman Fort.


Monday we took them to see the Schloss (Palace) in Ludwigsburg, but the weather wasn’t very nice so we didn’t do much else.

There was a garden show going on over the weekend



On Tuesday we went to Burg Hohenzollern, and the weather was PERFECT!!  As you can see, I enjoyed taking some HDR photos of the Castle and surrounding landscape.

Faded HDR of the one of the towers and one of the Chapels
Michael took a nap while we were waiting for them to finish the guided tour
Guarding the castle
A locked gate with a view
Black and White of the chapel and tower
HDR of the view
That car is very out of place!
A side view
Ready for battle

As you can see, we were quite busy!  But, since I took pictures, now you can also benefit 😉 I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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