Trip #2 to the US (Pt. 1)

I know, I have been horrible about blogging lately.  And I am so sorry.

Back in May, Michael and I took a quick trip to see family in the States.  I say quick because it was only 11 days, including all the traveling.

I have always found flying stressful, and that is multiplied when I am flying alone with Michael.  And one thing I found out very quickly on this trip is, international flying with a toddler is even more difficult than with a small baby.

We had to change planes three times each way.  Flying from Stuttgart to Amsterdam to Detroit to Kansas City.  I only had a 50 minute layover in Amsterdam, which I wasn’t too worried about when I first booked because I THOUGHT we would be going through border control in Stuttgart.  But we didn’t, and then our flight was delayed, so we missed our connecting flight.  Thankfully, there are several flights from Amsterdam to Detriot each day, and, since it wasn’t our fault that we missed our plane, they had already booked us on the next one.  Which got us to Detriot with plenty of time to go through border control and still make it to the next flight.

The flight wasn’t full, even with all of the rebooked passengers, and the two seats next to me were free, so Michael was able to get some sleep.  On the flight from Detroit to Kansas City I was told they had put us at the back of the plane and the seat next to me would be free so I could use it for Michael.  I stretched out and leaned against the wall and we both slept for the hour-long flight.

We arrived early, collected our bags and then had to wait a little for my brother (he figured it would take us a little longer to get out).  After another 3 hours in the car, we finally arrived at my mom’s house sometime around 1AM.  Most everyone had waited up to greet me, and Michael was thinking it was morning, so I didn’t get to bed until around 4AM and was awake by 7AM.  Then began all the wonderful memory making times with the family!! Which I will tell more about in Part 2…but, before you go, here are some pictures taken during the trip there.

I hate saying goodbye
The travelers
Our first plane to Amsterdam
Michael’s shot
A makeshift bed
All smiles, landing in Detroit
Watching the planes
Almost there…

You will have to forgive all the cell phone pics, I was traveling light, which means, without my big camera!

And that is all for part 1…more to come…sometime 🙂

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