Nesting pt. 1 (Living Room)

With my first pregnancy, I never really got the huge urge to take on big household projects!  I DID do some projects, but it was more like, I HAD NO CHOICE! But, I will say, this time around I am seeing things I want to change everywhere.  I don’t always have the energy to do it…but that doesn’t stop me from trying lol!

First, it was the urge to change the living room around…as in…COMPLETELY!!!!

(I did this back in November, I have just been terrible at actually writing and posting about it…Sorry)

Sadly,  I don’t have any good before pictures to show what it looked liked, but here are a couple that I found that can give the idea.


You can see in the background how the couch was
This was taken after I had begun to move things, the bookcase had been next to the other cabinets

The whole living room was completely moved around, as well as part of my office area.  The cabinets were separated so that we could have more wall space and the couch moved around as well.

Here are the after pictures of the office area….


My favorite shelf in the whole room, if not whole apartment!

And the after pictures of the living room area.

And there you have it.  Nesting project number 1!!  I am in the process of building a cabinet for the TV Screen, and we still have to shift the shelf over the couch a little more to center it better.

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