I’m actually still here…

Hey folks!! I know I have been terrible at blogging… I actually have about 10 drafts that I have never posted!  Life has been pretty upside down.  And I’m in a hurry to catch this blog up, so this is going to be an old post.  But, I doubt anyone is still around to see…my own fault!

If you could see all the drafts I have saved that I never finished or posted… but it is a new year, and hopefully I will get a new start here on the blog.

But for now, news and updates…

I have two littles, the second didn’t get half as much exposure as the first, but maybe she will thank me for that when she is older…lol!

Last year we had a very busy year! Our little Ella was born, my mother came for a 4 week visit.  We had been in 7 different countries by the time Ella was 6 months old.  Germany (of course), Crete (Greece), the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United States!

Traveled from Virginia to Pennsylvania to New York, back to Pennsylvania. On to Ohio, than Missouri.  A quick run to Kansas. Then the big haul from South Western Missouri back to Washington DC…all in one shot so that we could catch our flight back to Germany.

We got home and jumped right in to job changes and house shopping.  Car troubles, visiting friends and family over the Christmas holiday finished off our year.  And that was just the quick overview!!

So as you can see, we have lots and lots to catch up on. So, lets get busy!!

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