Dreamy Treehouses

One of my Christmas gifts from my husband last year was a “gift card’ to spend a few days away over Valentine’s Day. Since we were going as a family, we tried to find something toddler-friendly. As we were comparing all our options we came across a deal to stay in a treehouse, with breakfast and daily entrance into a Wildlife Park included! It wasn’t a hard decision to make. Natur-Resort Tripsdrill here we come!

Entrance: The shepherd wagons are there on the right side of the picture!

As soon as we arrived, I knew we had picked the right place! As you drive in you see shepherd wagons, which are also bookable to stay at. Once out of your car you enter the woods, where there are 28 treehouses. Some for up to 6 people, the rest for up to 4! Our treehouse was one of the smaller ones, and it was located at the back of the area (nice and quiet)!

Our treehouse: Raben-nest (Raven Nest)

The first thing I noticed upon entering the treehouse was the cozy clean wood scent! Each house has floorboard heating, a bathroom with a shower, a fridge under the counter with a coffee machine, and a nice table area with benches and stools. The smaller houses have a full bed and a bunk bed. The space is small, but since the weather was amazing, it wasn’t a problem for us at all!

Our beds

The wildlife park has 40 different types of birds and animals, including bear (which we didn’t get to see since they are in hibernation) and two types of wolves! It was quite cool to hear the wolves howl at night (from the safety of our treehouse, of course).

Naturally, I HAD to capture a pic of the Bald Eagle!
A beautiful 14 pointer Rothirsch (Red Deer)
Red fox
Dwarf deer
Black Stork

One of the highlights of the wildlife park was feeding the deer! It took Michael a little while to get used to the deer being so close, but by the third day he was enjoying feeding and petting the deer! Ella also tried to pet them, she wasn’t afraid at all!

Ella wasn’t a bit afraid!
“We are waiting…”
The dwarf deer were more his size!

It was the perfect place for a getaway! The peaceful sounds of nature, instead of the loud music or yelling voices that we often hear here at our apartment, was relaxing and helpful! The cute treehouses were comfortable, and yet, different enough to make hitting the reset button easy! In short, I definitely recommend it, AND look forward to being able to go back there again before too long!

One thought on “Dreamy Treehouses

  1. This looks amazing. I remember staying in treehouses in the south somewhere. Where was that? I have often dreamed of the simplicity and comfort of those places. But these that you stayed in look even more rustic and fun. And with an animal park!!! Wow!


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