Kitchen Declutter & Reorganize

We have a pretty small kitchen, and I REALLY find it difficult to keep it looking neat and clean. The #1 reason for it is we just have too much stuff in our kitchen, so things end up being stored on the countertops. Which makes the kitchen automatically look and feel cluttered and disorganized.

So, this past weekend I decided to tackle the kitchen! I got rid of things we never ever use, and stored things we rarely use. I moved things around to get the most out of our cupboard space and tried to cut the countertop storage down to a bare minimum!

I didn’t think about taking pictures before but this is what it looked like halfway through!

As you can see there was a LOT of junk! 4 bags of garbage and 2 medium sized boxes in the storage later, and this is how it looks. And any appliances that aren’t used every day found new homes in the cupboards!

Of course, the finished product rated an actual camera picture instead of the phone picture from mid-way through

One of the things I have added this year is a set 50 Euro per month that is specifically budgeted for making our apartment work for us instead of the other way around!

I bought that little caddy for soap, brushes, sponge and all that!
I also bought this utility rack for the back of the door

The most important thing for us is to make sure we utilize ANY and ALL space to the max, so that we don’t end up feeling cluttered.

I also went through and cleaned the fridge out, which is on my list of least favorite jobs so it doesn’t happen as often as it should. But, I felt so much better after I completed the project!! And in order for me not to have to mess it up again right away, I treated myself and the kids (hubby was away on a work trip) to pizza delivery!

So there you have it, next up…wait and see!

One thought on “Kitchen Declutter & Reorganize

  1. It looks great! Looking forward to seeing what else you can get organized. I guess I’m a hoarder too, I keep all kinds of things for “just in case.” Maybe I should jump in it and get rid of some things too. 🙂


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