Sleep Training

There is something so peaceful and beautiful about a sleeping baby, but we all know that the process of getting that baby to sleep is sometimes far from peaceful!

Milestones (Part 1)

Everyone always likes to pay attention to the milestones a baby reaches…first responsive smile, first giggle, starting to play, grabbing things (including hair) and so on. It’s what memories are made of, not just for us as parents, but as something Michael himself will be able to look back on and even though he won’t really remember it, it will be something special for him.

3 months (plus a week)

At three months of age, Michael is becoming quite good at showing us that he has a mind and will of his own, including only wanting mama or papa to hold him. It is so interesting to see the new things he does with each passing day.


Have you ever felt like you have just started getting things done for the day and then it is already time for be again? That is my life at the moment. The big question that I ask myself is HOW does one manage to stay on top of everything????

With Baby In Berlin

Is it actually possible to travel with a young baby and still enjoy yourself? What about last minute trips where you have very little time to prepare things? We were able to find out the answers for ourselves…